Since my debut concert in 1964, I have performed countless concerts in Europe, Japan and Australia, most often as a soloist, but also in collaboration with other musicians and not least, the chamber choir ”Trinitatis Kantori” directed by Per Enevold. My repertoire spans from early baroque to contemporary organ music; I have always performed danish organ music when playing abroad, very often Carl Nielsen's great piece ”Commotio”. My concert repertoire is arranged in consideration to the organs disposition and the acustics of the church room. Below are two examples of concert programmes:

Jesuskirken, Copenhagen,

Monday the 18th. of juli 2011 20:00


At the Apostel organ:


Dietrich Buxtehude:            Toccata in F-major (BuxWV 156)

1637-1707                         Ciacona in c-minor (Bux WV 159)


Franz Syberg:                     Intermezzo - Fugato (composed 1934)




Herman D.Koppel                      Epitaph ( composed 1982-83 )


At the Cavaillé-Coll organ:


Jehan Alain                                  Prélude et fugue (composed 1935)

1911-1940                                   Petit Piéce                                                     

                                                        Berceuse sur deux notes qui cornent



César Franck:                              Pastorale (From ”Six Pièces d Orgue” 1860-62)

1822-1890                                   Choral in a-minor ( Nr. III from “Trois Chorals” 1890)


Concert in Bunge Church (Gotland)

Friday the 19th. of august 2011 ”The Tonal Ladder of Joy”

Johann Sebastian Bach:          Fantasi og fuga in a-minor (BWV 561)

Georg .Böhm:                             Koral with variations ”Freu’ dich sehr, o meine Seele“

Johann Pacelbel:                      Toccata in c-minor
1653-1707                                  "Arie Sebaldina " Theme with eight variations

Wolfgang Amadeus.Mozart:    Andante in F – major. Für eine Walze in eine kleine Orgel

D.Buxtehude:                              Fuga in C (BuxWV 174)
1637-1707                                  Koralfantasi ” Af højheden oprunden er” (BuxWV 223)
                                                      Canzonetta in e (BuxWV 169)
                                                      Toccata in G (BuxWV 165) /section>