Francois Couperin: Messe a l’usage des Paroisses. Recorded 1966 at the organ in "Our Savior's Church", Copenhagen, with the publisher Noblesse (NBLLP 1002))

Compact discs:


Dietrich Buxtehudes collective organ pieces recorded 1991 at Danish organs with the publisher Danacord ( DACOCD 381- 386)

Olivier Messiaen: ”La Nativité du Seigneur” . recorded 1997 at the organ in the "Holy Trinity Church", Copenhagen, with the publisher DANACORD (DACOCD 476)

With the chamber choir TRINITATIS KANTORI:


Danish church music: ”Come. Let us rejoyce……” (Point. PCD 5132.) recorded 1997


International church music. ”Lux Aeterna” ( Point PCD 5152 ) recorded 1998


Johannes Brahms: "Sacred Choirmusic" (motets and organmusic) . (Classico. Classic 439) recorded 2001-2002


Danish organ music from the 20th century


Danish organ music from the 20th century published by the publisher CDKlassisk:


Vol. I recorded at Frederiks Church, Copenhagen (CDK 1015). Organ pieces by Knud Jeppesen ,Knud Høgenhaven, Leif Kayser, Bernhard Lewkovitch ,Otto Sandberg Nielsen, and Finn Viderø.


Vol.II at the Holy Trinity Church, Copenhagen (CDK 1019). Niels Viggo Bentzon, Bernhard Christensen, Bjørn Hjelmborg,Svend Ove Møller, Einar Trærup Sark, Flemming Weis.


Vol.III at Holmen's Church, Copenhagen (CDK 1051). Tage Nielsen, Vagn Holmboe, Herman D. Koppel, Kai Senstius, Franz Syberg, Leif Thybo.

Vol.IV in Our Saviors Church, Copenhagen (CDK 1096) (Erik Norby, Jørgen Jersild, Axel Borup-Jørgensen og Jan Maegaard)

Organmusic for Christmas. Choralpreludes and Pastorale by J.S.Bach, Bernhardo Pasquini, D.Buxtehude, Johs. Brahms and others. Recorded in 4 churches in Copenhagen published 2014 by CDKlassisk.

The complete recording of the hymn tunes by Thomas Laub can be heard at www.kirkesang.dk